Welcome Shell Marine, IMPA London 2022 Joint-Title Sponsor

Thank you to one of our two title sponsors for this year's IMPA flagship event

Shell Marine are longstanding IMPA event supporters, and we welcome them back to IMPA London 2022. We reached out to them for a brief overview of what they offer, which you can read below:


The maritime industry faces unprecedented challenges such as regulatory reset and advancing decarbonization with many uncertainties– and it must evolve to continue supporting the global economy while reducing its carbon footprint. But with challenge and change comes opportunity. Opportunity to drive vessel efficiencies, the chance to harness the potential of new technologies, and the opportunity to embrace a mosaic of future fuels. Whether your vessels transport people or goods, we provide a suite of products, digital solutions and technical services that can help you establish the best course for your business.


We have an extensive product portfolio with lubricants designed to address specific application-based challenges and achieve optimum performance. Our products are developed and produced to the highest standards to meet the requirements of original equipment manufacturers and help ensure the integrity of your assets. These products are currently used on over 10,000 vessels and are available from over 700 ports across 61 countries. Shell Marine supplies its customers with lubricants and greases produced by Shell's global network of more than 40 lubricant plants and 15 grease plants. Working with distributor partners helps us offer the local flexibility and responsiveness many customers need.


We have a suite of technical services and digital programs like LubeAnalyst, LubeMonitor and Accuport to overcome operational complexities and reduce your operating costs. Our experts recommend to ship operators, managers, and owners how they can optimize their vessel operations across different equipment types when using our products.

At Shell Marine, we're committed to helping our customers, and the industry move forward together.

Learn more at www.shell.com/marine

Thank you for your support and we will see you soon!