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Welcome Sanigone to IMPA London 2021 as the sanitation sponsor!

They issued the following statement:

The worldwide transmission of COVID-19 has put tremendous strain on all sectors, and Sanigone recognises how seriously it has affected the shipping and maritime industry. As the backbone of the global economy, it is essential that all vessels are sanitised correctly to allow this trade to continue.

The cruise and luxury yachting sector’s top priority is the health and safety of passengers, crew and the communities they visit; therefore, effective sanitisation is the key to their recovery.

All Sanigone products are manufactured in the UK and are certified and approved by three British Standards.

We are very conscious of the effect of plastic waste on marine life. It shocked us to discover that in just one week, the US produces enough discarded bottles to circle the planet five times from bottled water alone. Our aerosol cans and plastic bottles are 100% recyclable, but our aim over the next year is to reduce our plastic use by 75% by adding refill packs to our plastic container range.

Barrie and Susanne look forward to meeting you all and helping you stay safe and well, easily and cost-effectively.

We are extremely proud to be sponsoring IMPA London by sanitising the venue.

Welcome to IMPA London 2021!

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