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Welcome IMPA London's latest exhibitor, Fresh Water Norway

As we welcome another new exhibitor joining us for IMPA London 2021, we asked Fresh Water Norway to give us a little insight into what they are all about!

Tell us about Fresh Water Norway and how are you "disrupting" the market?

Fresh Water Norway is on a mission; a mission that aims to reduce global plastic consumption. Fresh Water Norway believes that being eco-friendly and sustainable should not reduce the quality of the product. Fresh Water Norway is therefore offering its award-winning Norwegian natural mineral water in delicate eco-friendly cartons in partnership with Tetra Pak, Sweden.

Our two founding members have been actively involved in the Shipping industry for more than three decades. They both share a focus on the well-being of seafarers and the protection of our Oceans. After realizing that their 35 vessels consumed more than 300,000 litres of plastic bottled water annually, they wanted to make a change.

The poor quality of potable water supplied in some ports and the absence of any nutrients found in evaporated seawater both contribute to the excessive consumption of plastic bottles within the Shipping Industry; this is of great concern to us all and was the driving force behind the inception of Fresh Water Norway.

Fresh Water Norway is working to make their water cartons available in a sustainable fashion, i.e. CO2 neutral, to all those who do not have access to clean and nutritious water and to people who see the importance of reducing the amount of plastic consumed.

We believe that if we all pull in the same direction, we can together take on the fight against plastic in our oceans.

What makes your product special?

The recent UN report reveals how important it is to act NOW. The World has no time to lose when it comes to saving our environment. Fresh Water Norway is trying to offer the World a sustainable solution to combat plastic pollution.

What are you hoping to get the most out of IMPA London 2021?

IMPA SAVE is a vital initiative where we share a common goal, to save our oceans. We hope IMPA London 2021 will enable Fresh Water Norway to increase our visibility to the maritime community.

You can find Fresh Water Norway in the Green Zone at IMPA London this year. Be sure to take the time to meet them and discuss their solutions if you too are looking for a better tomorrow.

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