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Speaker announcement for the IMPA London Conference

Jo Ruxton, Mikael Karlsson, Dorthe Mejlvang... Who's next in our great line-up of speakers at this year's IMPA London Conference? It's Paolo Magonio.

Paolo is the Group Procurement Manager for Scorpio Group and a committed IMPA SAVE Council Member and Active Pledger. A true believer in the importance of sustainable procurement, and with a keen eye for ROI-friendly solutions, Paolo is the very first IMPA SAVE pledger to have achieved a complete reduction of plastic drinking water bottles onboard the company's vessels, and he has done so in quite a unique way! He will cover this and more in his insightful conference session titled 'Sustainable Procurement: How to Stop Buying Plastic'.

Don't miss out on attending sessions that could well change the way you see procurement in 2022. Register here

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