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P Ship Systems Support the 2021 IMPA Events

The IMPA Events team are pleased to welcome P Ship Systems as supporters of all of 2021’s IMPA Events, as both exhibitors and sponsors of IMPA London (Green Zone) and sponsors of IMPA Greece.

P Ship Systems kills plastic bottled water for vessels, being the fastest growing company in the maritime industry in vessel’s drinking water treatment area. With hands-on experience in the water treatment area since 1989, long shipping technical expertise and an amazing infrastructure, preferred by more and more operators from different continents operating and/or managing all sorts of ocean-going vessel types.

With field-tested solutions for retrofits and new-build vessels, real cost-effectively, by complying with all regulations our systems work on many vessels worldwide, with easy installation and true support.

For the Kitchen, Crew Mess Room, Officers Mess Room, the Engine Room, Bridge, etc.

We combine vessel’s generated water and our field-tested drinking water vessel multi-layer systems.

Distribution from 7 different shipping locations globally to better support our maritime clients.

P Ship Systems is a Puricom and Kinetico USA’ official partner and Global Distributor for the global shipping industry. With engineers, chemists, laboratories, test & reliability centers for all systems and parts. We design, develop, distribute, update and fully support branded Drinking Water Vessel Systems, to protect seafarers, the sea and the environment.

Our systems have been characterised as Best Practise for Drinking Water onboard by 2 very well-known global Oil Majors.

Thank you for your support!

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