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NautilusLog Exhibits at IMPA London 2021

We are pleased to welcome NautilusLog to the IMPA London 2021 family! We caught up with them recently to find out a little more about them and what they do.

Tell us who NautilusLog is and tell us how are you "disrupting" the market

NautilusLog is Hamburg based company revolutionizing shipping by uniting maritime market participants and creating significant added value for them. As a smart data engine, answers to current and future questions of market participants and business partners are provided. The platform and digital logbook replace paper and analogue processes to transform data into added value via integrated know-how, stakeholders into partners, and obstacles into growth opportunities. For green, sustainable, and digital shipping, the start-up sets new standards and enables new digital collaborations, automation as well as efficient compliance with legally required requirements.

What makes your product special?

The NautilusLog application revolutionizes shipping by combining and making the most of data and knowledge. The app transforms previously unusable data into usable expertise, stakeholders into partners, and obstacles into opportunities for growth. We make big data usable for crew and shore. New services are developed that not only digitize shipping, but above all focus on automation and sustainability. Customers benefit thanks to efficient processes and lower costs, giving them the opportunity to pass on the advantages to their own customers. We have already supported partners, clients, shipowner and Managers and Suppliers on key topics such as IHM, Vessel Management, and Emission Management, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and cost savings.

We lead the way in Maritime digitalisation and contribute towards industry innovations for shipping working a new ISO standard and an already accepted DIN standard

What are you hoping to get the most out of IMPA London 2021?

We are looking forward to meeting the participants of the IMPA 2021 conference, gaining new partners and clients, and of course meeting existing contacts to discuss how we can continue to support them with our digital solution. We are also keen to hear from key speakers and participate in round table discussions to help drive forward industry progression and share ideas, thoughts, and insights

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