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IMPA London is pleased to welcome our new sponsor and exhibitor, Tanki!

Tanki is looking forward to making a splash in more ways than one over the coming year with their award-winning toilet paper, which is designed for the needs of the maritime industry.

Whilst many people don't spend too much time thinking about what goes down the loo, the Tanki Team have discovered that just in the UK, enough toilet paper is used to wrap the Earth 11 times daily. Also, plastic-based lamination glue, used to bind the product together, adds up to 22,000 tonnes of unnecessary pollution every year; in fact, a single cruise ship can discharge 1.5 tonnes per year, unknowingly. The makeup of the paper, combined with the intrinsic glue content, can become the root cause of blockages prompting some companies to use the cheapest, thinnest paper possible, which then impacts crew welfare.

Tanki is designed with MARPOL, and the Maritime Labor Convention in mind is 100% plastic-free and is the current Maritime UK Innovation Award Holder as well as recently being awarded runner up by the British Business Bank for their Social Impact Business of the Year Award.

Join the Tanki Team at IMPA London for some genuine fun whilst highlighting an important issue and one that can be easily solved through the power of positive purchasing.

We are glad to have you join the events and look forward to seeing you soon.

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