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IMPA London 2022 Tech Walk: Source2Sea

We are pleased to welcome Source2Sea to The IMPA London Tech Walk!

Whilst you visit this year's IMPA London, we encourage you to take part in the Tech Walk by visiting the stands of participating companies, where you can see live demos, presentations and chat with their teams to find out more.

Read their profile below and find out more about participating on The IMPA London app.


See. Click. Get. How the digital future of maritime procurement will be shaped

Beyond the RFQ process

Today, maritime buyers and suppliers are locked in an analogue, costly and inefficient eco-system. We see shipping companies spending 8% of their cost on stores and provision, but 50% of their time procuring these categories. Finally, there is a good solution to this. Source2Sea will present how we see the digital future of ship supply procurement – through a digital market place. Beyond todays RFQ process.


Today, vessel crew, buyers and suppliers have limited shared transparency on the products being requested and delivered. Impacting cost, time and satisfaction. Imagine proper images, online pricing, product descriptions and specifications. In other words. See. Click. Get. Source2Sea will present how this will work on the digital market place. All whilst empowering crew and purchasers and incentivising reliable suppliers.

Learn more about Source2Sea in this video,

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