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IMPA London 2022 Tech Walk: Shell Marine

We are pleased to welcome Shell Marine to The IMPA London Tech Walk!

Whilst you visit this year's IMPA London, we encourage you to take part in the Tech Walk by visiting the stands of participating companies, where you can see live demos, presentations and chat with their teams to find out more.

Read their profile below and find out more about participating on The IMPA London app.



The maritime industry faces unprecedented challenges such as regulatory reset and advancing decarbonization with a lot of uncertainties– and it must evolve to continue supporting the global economy while reducing its carbon footprint. But with challenge and change, comes opportunity. Opportunity to drive vessel efficiencies, opportunity to harness the potential of new technologies, and opportunity to embrace a mosaic of future fuels. Whether your vessels transport people or goods, we provide a suite of products, digital solutions and technical services that can help you establish the best course for your business.


Besides our extensive portfolio of superior quality lubricants, we have a suite of technical services and digital programs like LubeAnalyst, LubeMonitor and Accuport to overcome operational complexities and reduce your operating costs. Our experts provide recommendations to ship operators, managers, and owners on how they can optimize their vessel operations across different equipment types when using our products.

During IMPA London 2022 we welcome you to visit us at booth #19 to hear more and in case you’re interested we host live demonstrations of either LubeMonitor or Accuport in our dedicated meeting room at the venue.

At Shell Marine, we’re committed to helping our customers and the industry move forward, together.

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