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IMPA London 2022 Tech Walk: Lloyd's Register

We are pleased to welcome Lloyd's Register to The IMPA London Tech Walk!

Whilst you visit this year's IMPA London, we encourage you to take part in the Tech Walk by visiting the stands of participating companies, where you can see live demos, presentations and chat with their teams to find out more.

Read their profile below and find out more about participating on The IMPA London app.


Cloud Fleet Manager

Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) is the cloud-based all-in-one software solution for shipping companies. The system is web-based and can be used without any installation. It centralises all information by removing data silos and makes insights available for all employees as well as crews at sea.

The cloud-based design of the application gives users the freedom to use it anytime, anywhere, and browser-independent. CFM offers applications that are optimised for all company departments and increases collaboration, streamlines processes, and can be used intuitively.


OneOcean is the largest global supplier of voyage solutions for the maritime industry. Our vision is to deliver maritime solutions that remove the boundaries between ship and shore, helping our customers benefit from more efficient, cleaner, and safer practices.

Our innovative solutions connect ship and shore-side teams, providing our customers with the visibility and real-time information they need to support decision-making and drive operational excellence. Data is transformed into intelligent information, increasing transparency and simplifying complex regulations and tasks to enable teams to work more effectively and efficiently.

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