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IMPA London 2022 Tech Walk: Fresh Water Norway

We are pleased to welcome Fresh Water Norway to The IMPA London Tech Walk!

Whilst you visit this year's IMPA London, we encourage you to take part in the Tech Walk by visiting the stands of participating companies, where you can see live demos, presentations and chat with their teams to find out more.

Read their profile below and find out more about participating on The IMPA London app.


Fresh Water Norway aims to reduce the global plastic consumption by using Tetra Paks new technology to produce water on cartons. Tetra Pak wants to enter the waterworld and contribute to reducing single use plastic bottles.

By using 88% renewable materials in our cartons, we push innovation to the shipping industry. Our ocean is filling up with plastic, and if we don’t do anything there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.

Fresh Water Norway has become Europe’s largest water carton factory in just a few years and the demand for more sustainable packaging is blooming.

We believe our new and innovative cartons can contribute to greener sailing and less littering in the ocean.

The cartons can be flatten in the compressor and recycled when arriving at harbors worldwide.

A small step with huge impact.

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