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IMPA announces annual event to be run in support of Ocean Generation

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

IMPA London this year will be run in support of Ocean Generation.

The event will support Ocean Generation in several ways and further establishes IMPA’s commitment and focus on sustainability within the supply chain.

Once again, the event will feature a sustainability run which is supported by IMPA London title sponsors Francois Marine and Offshore and Shell and it will raise funds for Ocean Generation alongside other fund-raising activities and sponsorship that is being sought in support of the organisation.

Ocean Generation is an inclusive global movement that exists to restore the relationship between humanity and the Ocean with the brief to free the Ocean from human threats within a generation (

IMPA is delighted to announce that Ocean Generation’s founder and director Jo Ruxton will be the keynote speaker at this year’s conference. Jo’s background in filmmaking saw her produce the documentary feature ‘A Plastic Ocean’ in 2009 and ever since then she has dedicated herself to continuing the legacy of the film and to change the way we use single use items and how we deal with our plastic waste.

The IMPA agenda and that of ocean generation are very much aligned and there will be more to come from the partnership.

Mikael Karlsson IMPA SAVE chair and special ambassador for sustainability said:

“The film A Plastic Ocean moved me and acted in part for the inspiration for the IMPA SAVE movement that has gained so much momentum it feels right to be supporting Ocean Generation now and, in the future,”

The IMPA London programme will focus heavily on sustainability and will offer an active conference and side events around IMPA SAVE, IMPA ACT and sustainability in shipping and the supply chain.

Details on the event and the various activities are being announced now across all IMPA channels and through the IMPA BLOG including registration for the event itself and for the run that will open this week.

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