A Unique Sponsorship Opportunity

Promote your brand at IMPA London with Oscar the Robot!

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to showcase your brand at IMPA London this year, look no further than Oscar the Robot!

Unlike other robotic acts, Oscar is unique in that he will carry out 'real' conversations with delegates as opposed to simple AI responses; these are often lost in translation during the hustle and bustle of live events, so can by result create interest at their event, meeting and greeting delegates on arrival, or working front stand highlighting products, or services. If required, Oscar can also distribute items from his tray while engaging with delegates, such as stand competition forms, branded goods, or even marketing literature.

Those who meet with Oscar are not only amazed he's talking with them, but often ask him whether they can have a selfie taken alongside him as a memento of their 'close encounter', this to show family, friends or colleagues; these often go on to be posted on social media sites, whilst doing so providing an ideal opportunity for staff to step in to help make these, so creating a perfect ice breaker.

Oscar will also be a part of IMPA London's Tech Walk, further helping maximise your brand's exposure!

When you sponsor IMPA London with Oscar the Robot, he will be branded to match your company and even has a fully branded area in which he resides.

If you want to get your brand noticed in a truly unique way at IMPA London, please get in touch for further information.